Nadia Khan Husband Refuses to Accept Divorce

A well known and famous Pakistani actress and tv show host Nadia Khan’s former husband has lodged a case in the Federal Shariah Court against the provision in the marriage certificate which gives women the right of divorce. He challenged the provision and said he did not accept the divorce given to him by her wife.

According to details, Nadia Khan’s husband Khawar Iqbal launched a complain stating, Islam allows women to take divorce but not allows to give divorce to her husband. In reply, the court ask him for the evidences from different school of thoughts regarding divorce issue.

The lawyer of Nadia Khan’s husband defended his client with the same evidences saying does not permit women to divorce her husband, The case has been adjourned for an unidentified period of time.

Nadia Khan divorced her husband but her husband refused to accept her divorce on this Islamic law that a wife can ask for divorce but she can't divorce her husband.

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